Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Washington DC

Last weekend I went to Washington DC for the first time. Miriam, Alice, Liz, Emily and I hopped on a Megabus early Saturday morning and arrived in DC around midday. The first thing I notice is how green the city is, lot's of grass, open spaces and extremely clean, especially compared to NYC. We decided to take a tour bus around most of it, hop-on-hop-off, so we saw a lot of the sights that way. Unfortunately we missed Obama speaking on Sunday morning but went to take the usual tourist snaps in front of his house. All in all a really enjoyable (but slightly exhausting) weekend and definitely a recommended place to go museum hopping.


The metro - one of my favourite things about Washington.

I really liked photographing the buildings, looking at the angles, lines, size, colour, reflections...etc. The architecture felt very European in parts, unsurprising given that the guy who designed the city was French.

Washington National Cathedral - fifth largest Cathedral in the world.

Standard American snack

Abraham Lincoln's Memorial.


Obama Souvenirs. I bought a plate. Will photograph and post soon. It's wonderfully tacky.

Nodding head Abe's.

White House and I

Union Station

National Portrait Gallery

Air and Space Museum

Capitol Building

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