Sunday, 11 September 2011


Yesterday I walked a lot. I started Strand bookshop, on 12th and Broadway, looking for pages to use in my bookbinding class. Then I went to a Salvation Army thrift store where I bought a Mets T-shirt for $1. I dropped by a farmers market in Union Square where I saw all the fabulous vegetables above. Seeing all this food made me miss cooking. The funky ones are called Gourds, I had never seen them before. After the gourds, I walked thirty blocks up Park Av to Grand Central Station, where I ate lunch. Then went into to the NY Public Library Schwarzman Building where there is an exhibition celebrating some of it's collections. My favourite pieces were a small book with envelope by Harry Crosby, a comic book about Frankenstein and a also typewriter. Then I bought a body pillow from a shop on 18th and went home.

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