Friday, 30 September 2011

Cycling in Central Park

The first part of the day was spent in the financial District with the original plan to go to Ellis Island. The queue was ridiculously long so Miriam, Theo and I headed to Central Park after lunch instead. On the way to food my new Supergra boots broke so I had to use my emergency repair kit of hairbands. For $10 it had to be too good to be true. Also I love the wording of signs in this country. So forceful.

The three of us hired bikes and cycled all round Central Park. The uphill parts were suprisingly difficult to get up (see Miriam's straining face).

The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. What a bloody massive place. But very lovely. Yesterday it rained so we spent a good few hours in there seeing as much as possible. I really enjoyed all the Modern and 19th century art especially the Lucian Freud room. I also particularly liked the tribal things like the death masks, see above, which were used for entertainment purposes. We had a hotdog break in the middle of the trip, which Joe was very pleased about. No doubt I'll go back there on another rainy day to finish seeing all that I missed.

"Congrats on the boots"

On Wednesday I went for a walk before afternoon class along the high line. When that ran out, I carried on along the waterside for while then turned to head back up to FIT via the Meatpacking district. Definately to favourite places of mine in New York.